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Saillog utilizes artificial intelligence and computer vision algorithms for remote crop disease and pest management. Saillog developed Agrio, a smartphone app that enhances biosecurity for farmers. The Agrio smartphone app provides guidance on integrated pest management, surveillances the spread of pests and diseases, dispatches warning alerts for impending infestations in affected areas and high risk zones, and enables communication between farmers and agriculture experts.

Capability and features

Agrio is a mobile application that uses a deep learning-based computer vision algorithm that surpasses human capability and integrates the knowledge of numerous experts. Agrio’s basic system feature is free and identifies crop diseases, pests, nutritional deficiencies, and abiotic stresses and provides treatment suggestions across multiple methods (i.e., biological, cultural, organic, and chemical). Users can opt to submit their images to a forum where they communicate directly with in-house agricultural experts for additional guidance. Agrio provides farmers with quality precision agriculture and supplements the lack of agriculture extension experts worldwide.

Within Agrio, users can subscribe to AgrioShield, which is the first artificially intelligent global alert system that generates warning alerts to farmers and inspectors based on geographical spread and forecasting models. AgrioShield is offered on a sliding scale depending on the income of the nation.

Saillog also has a B2G model that provides governments and nonprofits access to a macro-level dashboard solution. The dashboard solution improves productivity, prioritizes inspections, tracks the spread of diseases and pests, increases agriculture yields through reductions in pre-harvest losses, and supplies adjunct evidences for risk assessment.

Progress to date

Agrio has accumulated over 80,000 downloads organically. The smartphone application supports 15 languages and has diagnosed over 400,000 images through its artificial intelligence algorithms. Saillog won the Roddenberry Catalyst Fund, along with other prizes and grants. Saillog was a first-responder in the fall armyworm outbreak in India; the algorithms detected the infestation and the artificially intelligent global alert system sent notifications (with written preventative measures) to farmers in infected areas and high risk zones.

Saillog is developing a speech-to-text solution (with translation capabilities) that will enable interactions between users and agriculture experts through voice and video for those who are unable to read or write. 


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