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HARA uses a blockchain-based traceable and transparent data exchange to drive the use of informed data-driven decisions in society, and address one of the world’s most fundamental problems: food security. Many smallholder farmers are still invisible to the connected world, making them unable to access loans, crop insurance or the best input products. HARA incentivises these farmers, who are given a simple tool to provide data throughout their production process. Each village has a field agent who collects information from farmers, and who receives a small margin from any subsequent transactions. This information could then be used by data buyers to improve the services they provide to the farmers, for instance financial institutions who provide microcredits.

Capability and features

Smallholder farmers can use supply-chain data to improve operational efficiencies, access current market information, and become more visible to other agriculture stakeholders. HARA’s technology can facilitate the farmers’ data collection process, which will help farmers get better access to agriculture loans.

Financial institutions use HARA’s verified data to access untapped market segments, perform credit scoring/risk profiling and monitor the loan.

Governments are better equipped to anticipate and tackle agricultural-related problems, thereby boosting their economy in a sustainable manner.

Progress to date

HARA is now already deployed in 212 villages across in Indonesia and engaged with over 9,000 farmers, and works with several banks and insurance companies to provide financial products. Preparations are being made to expand to other developing countries on the equator, and HARA has started negotiations with potential partners in Thailand, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Kenya, Uganda, Mexico, and Peru.

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