Best Android Games 2017 for PC using Bluestacks – Free Download

Best Android Games 2017: Android is currently the most used Operating System in the market which is owned by Google. Google has launched Android as a freeware which means any company can use Android for their Phone without even paying a single penny to Google. Android is one of the famous and most used Operating System not just because it is available for cheap rates but also there are many apps available for Android OS and the best part is many of the apps are available for free. You may have seen many people using Android Phone for different different purposes some and having apps related to them where some may use their Android Phone for downloading development apps, some for utility based apps and most of them for Games. Seriously no one can survive without having games on their Android Phones. Games are the best thing for passing your free time as well as your boredum and laziness.

Update! Top 10 Best Android Games 2017 – Free Download

Best Android Games 2017

So, On Android Google Play Store you may find billions of apps which also includes Games due to which it becomes difficult to select the Best Android Game 2016, Therefore we here are sharing a list of Best Android Games which you must check out, may be you find a Awesome game for you to pass your free time and boredum.

Top 10 Best Android Games 2017

  • Clash Of Clans

You must have heard about Clash Of Clash either from your friends or colleagues. This is the game which is having more than 29 million active players. In this game you need to create your village, safeguard it and destroy others villages and much more. To find out more. Play the game once.

  • Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is yet another much popular game which is played by many users from the world. This game is quite addictive once you start playing it, you forget about everything except the game. In this you need to Match 3 same coloured candy and complete the limit in time. If you complete you are ready for next level otherwise if you are able to complete it you will need play the same level again.

  • Tap Tap Dash

It is one of the most addictive game which I have found till the time. In this you need to Click, where it makes your character jump or change direction according to given path. This game has total 1000 level due to which it becomes more interesting. Once you will start playing this game you will be very satisfied and would spend your most of the time on it.

  • WordBrain

From the name you get to know that you will need to use your Brain to find out the words from the given clues. The given clues are direct and can be easily identified to get the Words. As the level ups the game becomes more and more harder and even becomes more interesting than before it was.

  • Walking Dead

Walking Dead is yet another one of the popular Shooting games which have won awards. It is totally based on The Walking Dead movie. In this game you need to protect yourself and shoot the soldiers which are coming to attack on you. It’s one of the favourite shooting games of 2016 as per the reviews give on Google Play Store.

  • Boom Beach

Boom Beach? You must have heard about it. This is the another popular game which is developed by Supercell(The Creator Or Clash Of Clans and many other Games). Anyone who is above 13 can play this game. In this you need to fight with the evil with using different effective strategies. Player have to attack different different islands to save slaved men’s. Saving men’n from different islands means you have unlocked the island and now you can discover new things on it. In this game players can also create a force of users online to attack.

  • Talking Tom Cat

Talking Tom Cat is actually not a game but is much popular and is counted under Games section of Google Play Store. What does this app actually do is. It repeats the words what you say in a funny voice of a Cat. There are many options like dressing your Tom Cat, Unlocking other features, etc. You must download the app and use it once.

  • 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool is the most popular game amongst the android users, this game is developed by Miniclip. It’s the world largest and biggest Pool platform where users can connect with each other online and play. There are mode where you can play with your friends, with any person who wants play online with random’s, or playing tournaments with random people online.

  • Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 is yet another fighting game for Android users. In this game you need to fight with other characters, This game is mostly like tekken but little different from it, once you will start playing it you will understand it. In this game you are one of the shadow fighting with another Shadow, These shadows as the players having different weapons and tricks which can be used to win the battle. Defeat your enemy, defeat the boss and become one of the players who have completed the whole game without loosing their hopes.

  • Asphalt 8 : Air Bone 

Do you love to play hardcore racing games. Do you enjoy while playing racing games then surely Asphalt 8 is the game made for you. Asphalt 8 is developed by Gameloft and has won the award of Best Android Game 2016. The game has more than 95 cars of top Manufacturers like Lamborghini, Porsche, Ferrari, etc. Players can enjoy playing this game in 13 different settings for all the tracks available in the game. The game has more than 300 events in the career mode where you challenge the other characters of the game of races. Players can also enjoy multiplayer races but only a limit of 12 players can join it, The network of players is formed using WiFi where one of the user have to become the WiFi Host and others will just need to connect to the creator and start playing the game.

So, These were the Top 10 Best Android Games 2017 available on internet as per the latest ratings in Google Play Store.

WhatsApp For PC, Laptop | Windows (7, 8.1 & 10) – Free Download

WhatsApp For PC: WhatsApp is a latest trend for people. WhatsApp has been there for many years, connecting people from any corner of the country just with a mobile number. With the introduction of WhatsApp in the market it has made much easy in asking anyone for their numbers. These days you can find everyone on WhatsApp except some, it might be you. But you want to use WhatsApp and start chatting and calling your friends using it. For that you can use WhatsApp For PC users.

You can easily use WhatsApp For PC without facing any issues on your computer or laptop. WhatsApp For PC can be easily used with help of Android Emulator on your Windows PC. We recommend using Bluestacks Android Emulator but you can also you other Android Emulators like Andyroid or Youwave and so on.

WhatsApp For PC on Windows – Download

WhatsApp For PC

Features Of WhatsApp For PC

  • You can use WhatsApp For PC for a bigger screen experience. If you already have WhatsApp installed on your phone and using it then you do not require a Android Emulator to chat with your friends. You can use the web version of WhatsApp.
  • On computers and laptop mostly everyone can type fast, simply and easily without facing spelling mistakes.
  • Available for free. WhatsApp For PC is available for Windows 7/8/8.1 and 10. But if you have a working WhatsApp account then you can use it on any of the OS but it should have a working internet connection.

How-To Use WhatsApp For PC Using Web Version

It’s the most easiest way of using WhatsApp For PC. All you need to have is a working WhatsApp Account on your mobile phone with an active internet connection on it.

  • You will need to open web version on WhatsApp on your PC. To goto web version of WhatsApp you may click here.
  • Once you’re on the page you will find an QR code. You will need to scan this code on your Mobile Phone to connect your Mobile’s WhatsApp on PC.
  • To scan the code you will need to open WhatsApp on your Mobile Phone. Now, open the WhatsApp menu there you will find Web WhatsApp open it. Now, you will be able to see a option where it asks you the QR code displayed on Web WhatsApp.
  • Once the scanning of code is done. It will redirect you to your WhatsApp account. Now you’re able to use WhatsApp On PC without any Android Emulator.

WhatsApp For PC Download

So, finally on the last step towards installing WhatsApp on PC using Android Emulator. If you already have a Working WhatsApp account then you may check the above guide WhatsApp For PC Using Web Version. If you don’t have any account or want to have one more account of WhatsApp on PC then you may continue reading it.

  • At first you will need to download a Android Emulator on your Windows PC. We recommend using Bluestacks Android Emulator for running WhatsApp On PC for free.
  • You can download Bluestacks on PC using this link.
  • Once, downloading finishes you will need to go through the software and install it on your PC.
  • After installing it. You will need to add a google account on it as you do for Android Mobiles.
  • Now, go to play store and search for WhatsApp. Download and Install.
  • If you’re not able to download WhatsApp For PC from this then you may download an apk file from internet. You can download the same from here.
  • Once the APK file is downloaded you should open it Bluestacks Android Emulator and you will see it installing.
  • Boom. You have successfully installed WhatsApp For PC but you will need to configure WhatsApp On PC before start using it.

Shareit For PC, Laptop | Windows (7, 8.1 & 10) – Free Download

Shareit For PC: Shareit is one of the best application to transfer files between your different different devices. Recently, Shareit was introduced to Windows PC and become much popular and people also started searching to Download Shareit For PC users. Shareit is one of the renowned File Transferring Apps available for various OS’s. It also solved the problem of file transfer between Android and IOS. There are many alternative application available but are not that fast in transferring the file. Shareit can be used to transfer file in MB’s as well GB’s.

For those who don’t know what Shareit is. It is file transferring software which was first introduced to Android and then it was introduced to IOS and Mac users. In the recent time it was official introduced for Windows PC. It connects two users through WiFi and helps in the ultra speed file transferring, In the connection one of them is WiFi and another one is a Hotspot.

Shareit For PC on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 – Free Download

Shareit For PC

The file receiver is Hotspot and the sender has to connect to it for transferring files. There is no doubt that is better than Bluetooth and other forms available for transferring files because it transfer files without any wires and still gives a speed of 2 to 10 MB/s depending upon the device and the range.

Features Of Shareit For PC


  • No requirement of any internet Data Packs.
  • It can help in transferring files between you computer to any other Devices whether it is IOS or Android.
  • It can help you to transfer all type of files including photos, videos, audio, images, documents, APKS, PDF Files and much more.
  • You can also use it for transferring your installed application but it is only supported when you are transferring files from an Android Device otherwise you won’t see it inside the application.
  • Shareit can also be used to backup your images to keep ’em safe.
  • It can be used to transfer files at a blazing fast speed. The transfer rate can be upto 10 MB/s all depends upon your NIC and Device.
  • Shareit Supports group sharing upto 5 devices at a time.

Download Shareit For PC

Shareit For PC

Before we proceed to Download Shareit For PC. Please make sure that your PC is able to connect through infra-red because shareit doesn’t supports WiFi feature for Windows PC now but in sometime it may also introduce WiFi connectivity for PCs with WiFi enabled. Once you’re done with the above things then you can proceed for the steps given below.

  • To Download Shareit For PC you may visit their Official website to find out the working link to download Shareit on PC. It you are not able to find the download link then you may download shareit on pc through mirror by clicking here.
  • Now, after the download completes install it and proceed for next steps to see How Shareit For PC works.

How To Use Shareit For PC

Shareit For WINDOWS

  • Once you have installed Shareit For PC you will need to Run it. Once you Run it, It would ask you to give your Shareit PC a name.
  • Transferring file on Shareit For PC is as simple as transferring files between Android or IOS devices. But receiving files is little confusing so, we’ll tell you how you can easily receive files on Shareit PC from any supported device.
  • To start it open Shareit For PC on Your Android phone and click on send select any file. Now, inside Shareit PC click on Receive and proceed for next step.
  • Now, in mobile application you will be able to see a option of Transfer Files to PC. Click on it and let shareit read your PC.
  • Once your PC is shown in the Shareit For PC Radar, click on it and boom you will able to the process of transferring files on Shareit For PC.

So, This was a Tutorial on How To Download Shareit For PC users officially with PC installer.